CromerTwo Julians

Cromer – Gangway (Two Julians)


Next pub on the day’s adventure was the Gangway, a cafe bar type set-up which also has a sister outlet in Sheringham. It’s divided into two, by necessity of the building shape, with shared access at the rear, all a little unusual but it adds to the character. Not knowing this in advance, I went in the first door that I saw and I think that we were in the smaller section of the building.


There was a friendly welcome, one of the best of the day, with the team members seeming enthused and keen to help. It was table service only which I wasn’t initially convinced about as it created a separation with the drinks visible at the bar and the printed menu, which didn’t have the complete list on. However, I have to add that they have listed their beer selection on Untappd which removes that issue for me so I have no complaint. There’s a strong selection of craft beers in can and bottle, nothing quite as decadent on the tap, but still some interesting options including several from Ampersand. It’s the best craft selection that we saw in Cromer, so full credit for that.


The bar is attractive and neatly laid out.


The cocktails menu.


Appropriate glassware for my half and I went for a new beer to me, the Lemon Puff from Ampersand in conjunction with Abbeydale, two very competent breweries. A perfectly decent beer which was citrusy, but I had hoped for more lemon punchiness to the whole arrangement, but enjoyable nonetheless. It wasn’t unreasonably priced and they also had a place to charge my phone which proved to be handy.


The surrounding were comfortable and cosy, there’s a lot to be said for this soft of cafe bar approach and it’s one that Titanic is pushing with its Bod concept. This is all very much to the credit of the town, although Gangway don’t serve food other than for a fine looking selection of cakes.


Some more internal decor. All told, this was one of my favourite venues of the day. It was the only one that had listed their beers on Untappd, it had perhaps the best welcome and it was spotlessly clean. Innovative, interesting and on-trend, I hope that they do really well. And I think Julian is definitely getting a taste for all this beer modernity.