Szczytno – Kawiarnia Mocca


I had a 50% success rate today in judging where I ordered my coffee when entering a cafe in Szczytno. Do I order at the counter or wait at the table? I guessed I ordered at the counter here, but it transpired that it was table service. Not that it mattered, the waitress didn’t speak English, but someone else did, and he was really friendly and helpful.


A bit redundant on a rainy day in late September, but there’s a terraced area to the front of the cafe which is no doubt really pleasant during the warmer times of the year.


The cafe has two rooms, tastefully decorated, although the screen was perhaps just a little superfluous. There was a lovely relaxed feel to the cafe, although I couldn’t see that they sold any cakes, and I would have had a little slice of cake…. I took this photo in between other customers visiting, but for the most part, the cafe was full during the time that I was there.


The latte, which wasn’t as rich in taste as in some other cafes, but it was hot and tasted of coffee, so all was well. The latte cost the equivalent of around £1.80. All rather nice, and I think from reviews that this is one of the better cafes in the town.