Szczytno – Masuria Museum

The town’s museum is located within the same building as the town hall, and next to the remains of the town’s castle.

An early typewriter on display. This was a strange little museum with several different elements to its collections, although all based around local themes. With the exception of the excellent temporary exhibition of Warsaw photographs, everything was in Polish and German only. It’s interesting to see how museums in Poland have changed from having descriptions only in Polish or Russian to then trying to cater for German visitors, and now primarily catering for English speakers with their translations.

Some dead animals for Dylan and Leon.

Some farming implements from over the last couple of centuries, although I’m sure that they’re still used in some places in Poland today.

A rather interesting clock.

One of the problems of nearly everything being in Polish and German only is that I struggled to work out what some of the exhibits actually were. This boat I’m sure has some significance…..

The tiles looked a little basic, but were dated from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

One of my favourite exhibits, a Bible from the late sixteenth century.

A room with antlers…..

The staff here were very unusually for Poland slightly distant and didn’t really seem to have a great deal of enthusiasm. The permanent displays were all a little too random for my liking, and it was all rather provincial (which is understandable, given that it is a museum in the provinces….). However, the temporary display felt more modern in its presentation, it had clarity and seemed properly curated.

Entrance cost the equivalent of around £1.40, which was reasonable given what there was to see.