Seville – Summary of Day Five

This was mine and Clive’s final last day in Seville, as he flies back home tomorrow and I get a train to Madrid, a city which I’ve never been to before. We decided to have a cultural morning visiting some churches, a large section of the city wall and we had a delightful lunch at a craft beer pub.

There’s of course much less to talk about now that Bev and entourage have gone home, it’s all much more sedate and orderly now. I had a leisurely afternoon of catching up on e-mails and reading about Andrew has been given a mini magnum (not a full size one though, just a mini one).

This evening Clive and I decided we’d visit four more pubs in the Seville craft beer guide that I picked up yesterday, meaning that we’ve managed to visit seven of those which were listed. They’re all been excellent and I’ll write them up individually, hopefully in the near future.

In the final pub tonight there was an American who wanted to let people know that he hadn’t voted for Donald Trump. I felt the need to go over to him and thank him on behalf of the British people, although I am trying to avoid making this blog political…. He replied thanking me and he said that he assumed that I was against Brexit, of which he was correct in his guess…. But, I’m away from the UK and politics, so that’s the limit of my political comment.

As we’re leaving the city tomorrow lunch-time, this is the final daily update, so I’d like to thank Sarah for organising such a lovely trip, and for all of the seven for the fun we’ve had this week. Andrew wanted there to be an awards ceremony, so I’ve decided to do that here:

Most exposed person of the week – Clive

Bravest person of the week – Julian

Nicest person of the week – Sarah

Best dancer of the week – Bev

Best stories about Gordon – Brian

Best faces in a photo – Gordon

Best falling off a chair – Andrew

Most drunk – Andrew

Most generous person – Sarah

Best food critic of the week – Bev

Person with the smoothest look – Clive

Person with the fewest towels – Andrew

Person drinking the manliest drink – Gordon

Person who ate the most food – Andrew

Person who went unnoticed for the longest period – Clive

Person who picked the worst accommodation – Andrew

Most disappointed person of the week – Bev (over no swimming pool)

And I think that concludes that   🙂