Seville – Iglesia de San Julían

What a lovely name for a street and also for the church which is located on it.

Hmmm, I’m not going to win any awards for this lop-sided little effort of the church’s exterior. It’s an impressive doorway though and the church itself dates from the fourteenth century.

The city had serious problems in 1932 with a group of locals who sought to cause damage to the Catholic church. They looted and damaged churches, including this one and numerous others, and they also attacked congregations and holy processions.

This attack on the Catholic church was intense during the 1930s, with over 20,000 churches and cathedrals attacked (I got this figure from Wikipedia, but it sounds a little high to me) with many being destroyed. Substantial amounts of artworks, sculptures, tombs and books were damaged or entirely lost because of the attacks.

This was the best photo that I could given that mass was about to start and Clive and I felt it best to leave. But for anyone who likes photos of pews, this is a pretty decent shot….

Some nice tiling around the church walls. This was a lovely church which is just a little off the main tourist area, and we visited just before mass started so there weren’t really opportunities to explore the building. But I particularly liked it since it had the same name as me. I’m easily pleased…