Seville – Hops and Dreams

We visited this craft beer bar last night and were impressed by the quality of the beer and the interesting food menu. We had already eaten yesterday, so we thought that we’d return again today to sample the food. This bar is a little hidden away in a back street, but it’s on the Seville Craft Beer map, so we visited it after seeing it listed on there.

I’m not very knowledgeable about craft beers, but Nathan said that this was a decent selection.

It’s not that common in Seville to see craft beers and certainly not often that they’re so clearly listed above the bar. I very much liked the style of the bar and there were some interesting beers available, although nothing darker which I’d have personally liked. I tried numbers 2 and 5 and both had a refreshing taste with plenty of flavour, certainly a substantial change from the Cruzcampo I’ve had this week.

The interior of the bar is on-trend, clean and well maintained. It was a shame that during our lunch visit today that we were the only two people in there, as a place of this quality deserves to be busier. It is possible to book tables on-line though for those who want to visit the bar at what might be busier times during the week.

The food menu, with plenty of interesting options listed.

Chicken with a wasabi sauce, which was well presented, served as a generous portion given I ordered the tapa size and was at the appropriate hot temperature. They had used dark chicken meat which is a little unusual, but it was of a good quality and tasted freshly made. The wasabi sauce also added just a little heat.

The Spanish style fish and chips. I’m not entirely sure what the Spanish style means, but the batter was soft and had a rich flavour. The fish flaked away and was tender, with the chips appearing to be triple fried. It was a light dish and both this and the chicken went well with the beer that I’d chosen.

For the non beer drinkers, there were some premium soft drinks to choose from. The prices generally were towards the higher end of the scale, but they weren’t unreasonable.

Some of the past beers which have been served at the bar. Overall, I very much enjoyed both visits and I would come here again if I were to revisit Seville. The service was efficient, fast and helpful, with the food and drink both being of an excellent quality. This is very much my sort of bar and I hope that it continues to thrive.