Seville – Hike Norfolk Update

Well, the drama is mounting up for everyone in the UK.

Andrew has arrived at Stansted. Sarah is nearby.

Bev, who took a later bus to Clive, as she likes living life on the edge, has arrived in Cambridge. Because of the accident, it appears that the bus is going a different way, so she should get to Stansted in good time.

Clive, who took an earlier bus because he’s more risk averse, has been a little less fortunate. He’s still in the delayed traffic, so his journey will be just that little more stressful. He has plenty of time to spare, but this is eating into his valuable Wetherspoon breakfast time that he had planned.

Some quotes from this morning:

“This is so exciting” – Bev.

“Just my f****** luck” – Clive.

Such exciting drama! Bev has been very reassuring to Clive, but I note that he isn’t being reassured from his latest post on the WhatsApp group for this trip:

“There’s not plenty of time….when there’s no signs of movement Bev!” – Clive.

I’m not sure if Clive wants me to post these quotes, but my readership demands up-to-date information. It’s more exciting than all the Brexit resignations.