Seville – La Barrica de Debla

This was another pub which was on our craft beer trail, and this was the one with some of the longest opening hours. The available beers weren’t as clearly displayed as in the other pubs, so I found the ordering process just a little more complex. However, the staff member was keen to explain the options and offer samples.

The bottled selection in the fridges. I opted for the IPA which was on tap, and it had a pleasant taste, although it wasn’t exceptional in flavour.

The bar was a little busy, so taking photos wasn’t easy, but I liked the beer barrels which are located behind the counter. There was quite a pile-up of empty glasses on the bar though for most of our visit, which didn’t give an ideal first impression.

The decoration on the walls, all rather quirky.

Our free snacks, and I was pleased to see the pickled onions and gherkin. An American came in when we were eating these and he mentioned to the bar staff where he was from and he also apologised for Donald Trump. I felt the need to thank him for that as we left, and he said to me that he assumed that I didn’t approve of Brexit. That was about as political as I decided to get, as this was the last pub we were visiting in Seville and I was ready to get back to the hotel.

Overall, I didn’t find this pub quite as exciting as the others on the trail and I’d personally like them to just chalk up on boards the options that they had and also the prices. They were also the only pub on our trail which didn’t accept credit cards, even though they served food. However, I felt that the pub was still worth visiting as the service was friendly and the beer was of a good quality and seemed well kept.