Madrid – Mercado de San Miguel

This centrally located market building was originally opened in 1916, on the site of a former open market. It risked falling into decline in the late twentieth century and it was modernised and re-opened in 2009 as a market selling fine food and drink.

The market is visited by over ten million people a year, and a good portion of those appeared to be there during my visit. The market is really aimed for those wanting to dine there and then, rather than a more traditional provisions market.

Cocktails available for €8 or €9. There was an excellent array of different tapas items throughout the market, although like the drinks, the prices were generally set at a premium level. There were many stalls where the tapas looked particularly appetising, and a real effort had been made with the presentation.

Well, how lovely – the crisps that is, not the pork rinds.

There was a bustling atmosphere in the market, although there was a lack of available seating for those who wanted to sit down.

A fine selection of meats.

And a fine selection of wine, although all of the bottles seemed to be over €20. All the market needs now is a pottery seller from Great Barton and the selection will be complete.

Another frontage of the market, which is open for very long hours of at least 10.00 until 00.00 every day of the week.