Seville – Bierkraft

This was another location we went to as part of our craft beer walk around Seville and like with most of the others on our trail, it has a modern and welcoming feel to it.

The selection of beers was marked up above the counter and finally there was a dark beer available. Prices were towards the higher end of the scale for our visits, but the selection was well balanced.

A rather lovely stout, from the Hilltop Brewery in Italy. It’s 5.5% ABV and it’s not quite what I associate with Italian brewing, but it had a smooth taste.

The interior of the bar, which is a little minimalist in terms of its design.

The chunky wooden bar, which does lean a little and that’s not my poor photography skills (or at least, no more than usual). Again, despite it being Friday night, the bar wasn’t particularly busy either during our early evening visit and nor when we walked past at around midnight. The service was again polite, which is becoming quite a theme, and I liked the selection of beers which were available.