Seville – La Jeronima

This is another bar which was listed on the Seville Craft Beer map, and it’s a combination of craft beer pub and bookshop. I’m not sure that there’s a better possible combination? Well, perhaps a combination of Greggs, craft beer pub and bookshop I suppose….

Here’s the beer list available at the beer, with three beers on tap and numerous more in the fridges. The bar is small, with only a handful of tables available, so the relatively limited number of beer options does reflect that. There were a few customers when we visited, which was on an early Friday evening, but it was far from busy.

A slightly wonky photo of the interior…. I like the wood effect on the ceiling, it looks like something that I’d do (although it wouldn’t look as good if I did it…).

Lots of wood has been used which is in line with the bar’s vision of using recycled items where possible.

A vintage cash register.

The branded glasses from Yelp, something I’ve never seen.

Books! How lovely.

This was a charming little location, with the atmosphere of a laid-back coffee shop, but with beer. The service was friendly and there was a relaxed feel to the whole operation, with the prices being reasonable. If I lived in Seville, I think that I’d be here a lot more often.