Ridgeway – Day 1 (Avebury)

Waiting excitedly at Swindon bus station for the bus to take us to Avebury.

I was able to watch myself on CCTV, which gave me minutes of exciting entertainment as we hurtled through the Wiltshire countryside.

Here we all are, in the centre of the Avebury ring.

I’m still concerned that Bev is quite clearly two inches shorter than she was last year.

We walked around the ditches of Avebury. Or at least we did until we realised that a chunk has been closed off by the National Trust. And to ensure that people obey their notices, they’ve put a herd of slightly aggressive sheep into the field to attack anyone who strays.

Avebury is a henge monument dating back to around 3,000BC and is one of the important prehistoric sites in the country. Although my hope of learning lots more about the site from useful informational boards was dashed, as there weren’t any informational boards to help me interpret the site. But, unperturbed by this, I found useful information from Google.

I posed for a few photos, but I don’t like to take the limelight.

Tree roots.

The sun is shining over Avebury.

Bev wanted to tie a ribbon up on the tree. However, we didn’t have one, so she used toilet paper. I’m sure the Gods will really appreciate that little token of respect.

Bev ready to hang up her toilet paper.

Group photo of everyone. Other than me, I’m taking the photo.

A stone.