Ridgeway – Day 1 (Summary)


BRAVEST PERSON: Julian (for exceptional bravery in the heat)

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “By the time she’s worked her way down to my leg she’s had enough of a treat” – Steve B   “Bev saw it when she was in my room” – Dave   “I’m not worried about drawers or bed bugs” – Dave    “You like a bit of speed do you?” – Dave   “I can slap until the cows come home” – Dave    “I went there the other day for a little prick” – Dave   “I was asked if I wanted another one, I said I’m not used to two pricks in one day” – Dave   “This might put just a little extra distance on the walk” – Julian

There will be lots more photos to come, many tens of them. But this is the initial summary of the day, and it’s been a long one. We all met up in Avebury to begin the walk and we had a look around the stones. I then decided I’d walk everyone along the main road to the official start of the Ridgeway walk, which Bev complained about on numerous occasions.

It was a  hot day, and my bravery was noted on several occasions. We weren’t covering a huge distance today, so we made good progress along the route. Unfortunately the Ridgeway isn’t known for its sheltered terrain, so it was quite an exposed day out there in the Wiltshire countryside.

I mentioned it would be nearly impossible to go off route on the Ridgeway as it’s a clear path and it’s well signed. Anyway, in the afternoon we went wrong on the Ridgeway. Well, I didn’t, I was at the back of the group talking about Andrew’s balls with Bev, the others went wrong. It added on a few miles to the walk, but no-one really complained. Other than Bev.

We then played the Akinator where the on-line game tries to guess who you’re thinking of by asking questions. Much hilarity ensued at this clever piece of magic, although Bev’s choice of characters was, er, interesting…. Only Steve M was able to beat it, with someone I’d never heard of.

One of my favourite parts of the walk today wasn’t actually even on the Ridgeway route, it was the walk along the former railway line from Ogbourne St. George to Marlborough. I explained that it was around 3 miles and it would go into the heart of Marlborough. Anyway, the path was lovely and had some shade, although it was still hot. 3.9 miles later we arrived into an area not in the centre of Marlborough, but no-one complained. Other than Bev.

We got into our lovely hotel, and they put Bev, Susanna and Dave in the stables. To be honest, they judged that well. I’m dreading breakfast in the morning, with Bev and her eggs. It’ll probably get its own blog post.

After a long debate between Dave and myself, we decided on our evening meal. We picked the Green Dragon, a Wadworth pub that was excellent. I ordered fish and chips and everyone copied me, but I made clear on four occasions that if they were short on fish then the others could go without. Fortunately, they didn’t, and the fish was most lovely.

Afterwards I decided to take the group on a 45-minute history walk of Marlborough that I had found on-line. Nearly two hours later, when it got dark, we decided to rush the last part of the tour, but everyone agreed that it was a most interesting and exciting walk. Other than Bev.

So, overall, it was a really lovely first day of walking. Other than I’m sun burnt and grumpy about the hot weather. I’ll post tens of photos in smaller posts when I can of the day, we did cover rather a lot of terrain, as well as lots of topics of conversation.

It’s an early start in the morning. Bev and Susanna are rather middle class and are going to Waitrose, whilst Dave and me are common so we’re going to Greggs.