Ridgeway – Day 1 (It’s All About the Greggs)

We left the Travelodge all refreshed and reinvigorated for the first day of walking. But all walking adventures need to start with some fine dining, so off to the artisan bakers we went…

Here it is, Swindon’s finest baker. Second to none.

The door situation was confusing, so I let Steve work it out. I also didn’t want to look too desperate by running into Greggs, although that was how I felt…

Here he is at the counter, busy adding things to his order and holding up mine. But my time came, and I got a delicious chicken bake and latte, enough to suffice me for a few hours. We also brought dinner here, as there’s unlikely to be anything as good later on.

So the morning has started off in a lovely manner, it’s now off to the bus station ready to get the bus to Avebury.