Ridgeway – Day 1 (Green Dragon)

Our choice for our evening dine, the Green Dragon in Marlborough.

Well, how lovely!

Pre-meal drinks.

A plan of old Marlborough.

Wadworth Corvus – a very impressive stout.

Ready for our meal!

The beer selection, with 6X and Corvus there was enough to keep me going for the evening   🙂

I’m very picky about fish and chips, but this was excellent. Everyone ordered it, which wasn’t original of us, but I think everyone was pleased with it. Even Bev.

So we were all pleased with our mains, so Bev had a dessert. And complained about it.

I liked the Green Dragon, lots of different areas, and all rather comfortable. Overall, this was excellent, as the staff were particularly friendly and engaging and the service was attentive. The pub was clean and comfortable, the meals were of a good quality and they tolerated the noise that some of our party made.