Ridgeway – Day 1 (Walking)

Some photos from our day of walking!

The official start of the Ridgeway, although we had started at Avebury as it’s an important historic site that we wanted to see.

The former railway line from Ogbourne St. George to Marlborough. Marlborough used to have two railway stations, but it now doesn’t have any and 11 miles from the nearest one. There are plans to try and reconnect it to the network, but they haven’t made any recent progress.

Dave in the woods along the former railway line, which is a now a walking and cycle trail.

Views over the countryside.

Jumping for joy at Barbury Castle.

Bev, excited about her lunch.

Bev, after her lunch.

Looking out over Swindon from the bank of Barbury Castle.

Vicious and very frightening cows.

A house.

We only saw one these signs in this format, which I thought was really nicely done.

Some sort of thing for horses.

The Ridgeway map.

The railway line to Marlborough again.

Planning the route.

A lot of the route looked like this.

In case anyone wondered why the descriptions of these photos are really short, it’s because I have to leave for the second day of walking now. So, feel free to make up your own captions if mine aren’t descriptive enough  🙂