Ridgeway – Day 1 (Julian’s History Walk)

What more could the group want after a lovely meal and drink than a lovely little walk around Marlborough? I thought we could have a 45-minute walk around the town, even though it transpired to be two hours. But that just shows how rather exciting my walk was.

I pinched the walk from the Marlborough town web-site and it was a tour of the blue plaques of the town. I rated the walk as 10 out 10, and Bev only complained three times, so that showed just how good it was.

The highlight for me was discovering that Thomas Wolsey was ordained in the town’s church in March 1498, so I was rather impressed with that. We also went to look at Marlborough School and the security guard ran out to see what all the noise was about.

I didn’t like how former gravestones had been used as a pathway outside the church, eroding them away so that they’re lost for future generations.

I was pleased to have visited the town though, so much history and some rather interesting courtyards and rows which went to the back of the properties. Much was lost in the town’s great fire, but the rebuilding that took place is mostly still there.

Below are some photos of the walk.