Ridgeway – Day 0

It’s Sunday morning and today is the start of the annual Hike Norfolk attempt to walk a long distance path in its entirety. Last year it was Hadrian’s Wall, this year it’s the Ridgeway. We’re covering the 87 miles in six days, so it’s a leisurely expedition along what is thought to be England’s oldest road.

Our expedition begins today for three of us on the train and four others who are making their own way there (I think secretly it’s so they can spend more time in the pub). So for three of us we have the excitement of the railways today to get to the tourist mecca that is Swindon, the Las Vegas of the West Country. I’m aware that we might have to fight off holiday makers flocking to Swindon today, but hopefully we’ll get there safely.

There will be several, perhaps hundreds, of posts throughout the week. So many questions, who will win bravest walker of the week? Who will be the most unhappy at their breakfast? What will be the best pub of the week?