Ridgeway – Day 2 (Star Inn)

We were staying in the Star Inn in Sparsholt and so we decided to also dine there. It’s a well reviewed pub and the prices were slightly towards the higher end of the scale, but I felt that the quality met that price point. Our refined evening did rather go on longer than I had anticipated, what with all the shots, but it was a memorable evening….

Bev laughing away to herself.

The pre-meal crisps and beer.

Free bread and butter.

The menu.

My starter of terrine, which had a real depth of taste and flavour. It was also beautifully presented.

My main course of hot dog, which was rich and meaty, with the meal again being well presented.

The group.

The beer selection.

Toasting the group’s efforts. Perhaps a little early as we had only been walking for two days at this point….