Oradea – Oradea Zoo

Oradea Zoo isn’t particularly large in size, but it’s clean and well presented. There were only three people, including me, at the zoo when I visited in October 2017, so it wasn’t exactly what one might call busy. The zoo feels dated in terms of the amount of space given to animals, but it is located within the city centre and there isn’t any obvious way that they could expand their footprint. Perhaps in time an entirely new zoo will be constructed outside of the city centre, although I’m not sure that the visitor numbers would justify such a project.

There’s plenty of information in English around the site and it’s all easy to navigate. It’s possible to buy some food, which varies by species, to feed the animals with, although I’m not sure that this is the best of ideas. Zoo animals should really in my non zoological opinion by fed by their keepers, so they know what they’re being fed and when.

Anyway, below are some photos of my visit: