Oradea – Pizzeria Due Fratelli

The best pizza in Oradea was meant to be at Pizzeria Due Fratelli (and they’ve apparently now prepared one million of them), so, off I went. I suspect that the photo alone will be enough for people I know to suspect what I thought of the beer selection, but this was a back street fast food location and there were also some decent wines to choose from.

This is the Diavola pizza with its toppings of salami, onion and garlic oil. It wasn’t exceptional, but it was perfectly sufficient and it cost around £4 which made it all rather agreeable. I thought that the edges needed a little more crisping up, but the amount of toppings was generous and the ingredients were of a good quality.

The tiramisu, which was around £2, was again of a decent quality and had a pleasant flavour of coffee.

The service throughout was helpful and fortunately the staff spoke sufficient English to make the transaction somewhat easier. The menu was though only in Romanian, although I had the assistance of Google Translate to get me past that little problem. The pizzeria is cash only, but the environment is comfortable and there’s an external seating area for those who either like to smoke or can tolerate others smoking.

So, all rather friendly, and the value for money was excellent.