Norwich – Heigham Park

We meandered into Heigham Park on a group walk and it’s a park that I’ve never been to before. The decision to construct it was made in around 1919 as there was a plan to build on the former Heigham Playing Fields site and the council wanted some space devoted to a public park. That was some forward planning from the council and other projects from the same period include Wensum Park, Waterloo Park, Eaton Park and Mile Cross Gardens.

There was originally a fountain and pool near to the sole entrance to the gardens, but this has now been filled in to become a large garden feature. The park feels quite spacious, but they’re only 2.5 hectares in size and they’re bordered on all sides by residential properties. Work started on the gardens in 1921 and they were completed in 1924 when the public was allowed entry.

The Friends of Heigham Park have a useful and interesting web-site, with much more information about the park’s history. Anyway, photos from the walk: