Mrągowo – Mrągowo Railway Station

This is the reason that I had to get a bus from Olsztyn to Mrągowo, they closed the railway station down a few years ago. The railway station is in a bloody awful state now, and it’s one of those horrible communist period buildings which was probably never really fit for purpose anyway.

I can see why there is some irritation about the situation, as the buses to and from the town seem really busy and so I’m not sure why they wouldn’t want a train to a tourist destination. But, the line is still open for freight and so the whole network can be brought back into use again relatively quickly if necessary. The railway station is also over the road from the town’s bus station, so an integrated transport policy wouldn’t be hard to deliver.

The whole site could do with a little bit of modernisation, and hopefully the investment in the Polish railway network will reach these branch lines.