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Malta (South Eastern Region) – Valletta – Museum Cafe

Named after the nearby museum, which is now called MUZA, this is a little cafe, bar and restaurant in central Valletta. The interior is small, there are around eight tables which are quite tightly packed in, so I was fortunate to get a table. It was quite busy when I went, so I didn’t want to take a photo of a load of diners, as it would be hard to take a photo without everyone noticing.

Some of the hot food at the counter.

A display case near to the front door.

The food options were mostly burgers, but there were also salads and some pasta dishes. The burger was simple in its presentation, it had a depth of taste, but personally I’d have liked a little more seasoning on the meat. The salad was fine, well, it was a salad, and the chips were cooked well and had a firm exterior and fluffy interior. All very serviceable and everything was at the appropriate hot temperature.

The accompanying latte, which was excellent, but we are very close to Italy here, so that’s not a great surprise. And I got a biscuit, I very much like getting a biscuit with coffee…..

The service was warm and personable, I ordered at the counter and the staff member was helpful and keen to offer assistance. I suspect that he was the owner, as he seemed in control of the service and everything was organised and efficient. The prices were also fair, just under €8 for the burger, chips and latte, which js competitive for the country’s capital.