Leek – Fountain Inn

Leek surprised me with just how many pubs it had, with The Fountain Inn being one of three in the town which is in the Good Beer Guide. It’s a short walk away from the centre of the town and it also has its own rooms for those wanting accommodation. Operating at a pub since 1831, The Fountain Inn is also a fortunate survivor as it was nearly demolished in the 1970s.

The selection was excellent with eight real ales and two real ciders to choose from, with an appropriate mix between light and dark beers. I opted for the North Star Porter and it was reasonably priced at £1.50 for half a pint. It was well kept and had a dark black colour with a taste of liquorice and chocolate.

The pub has the most complete collection of Good Beer Guides that I’ve ever seen, and also a set of Encyclopaedia Britannica books for those who want a quick browse…..

An old sign to the right of the main bar giving information on how to bottle a Bass. The pub interior was quirky but comfortable, with a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. The service was efficient, polite and helpful which all combines to making this one of the best pubs that I’ve visited. It’s no surprise to me that it has won numerous CAMRA awards as the whole operation seemed well managed, organised and there was a community feel to the pub.