Leek – The Roebuck

The Titanic Brewery is one of my favourite in the country with their beers having a real depth of taste and flavours. It hadn’t occurred to me that they also operated their own pubs, but it seems that they have a handful primarily based around the Staffordshire area and by chance we walked by their Leek outlet.

That’s a very exciting selection. Well, for me at least. There were plenty of Titanic beers, but there were also some other beers sourced from around the country.

Some of the selection of the Titanic range, with the Plum Porter being a beer that I’ll nearly always order if I see it. However, I’d never seen the Cherry Dark, so I opted for that one and it was reasonably priced. The quality of it didn’t let me down, a real taste of cherry which is far stronger than perhaps many brewers would dare offer. Served at the appropriate temperature and tasting well-kept, this was a delightful beer.

The bar area of the pub, which also had a back room and a downstairs cellar bar which opens at weekends. The food menu looked very appealing and I was disappointed that I didn’t get the chance to try some of their food during my couple of days in Leek. There were numerous beer related dishes and the company is also proud of the Totally Leek Burger where all of the ingredients are sourced from within 100 metres of the pub.

The service in the pub was friendly, engaging and welcoming, with a modern and on-trend feel to the operation. The pub was clean, comfortable and there was a laid-back atmosphere, with numerous events being advertised that were planned for the pub.