Ireland – Galway – Handsome Burger

I hadn’t had a burger for some time, so when the word got mentioned earlier on in the day I decided that I should find a suitable location that sold them in Galway. Handsome Burger was one of the best rated restaurants and it was nearly full when I entered.

I managed to get a seat when some other customers left and the interior was clean and the restaurant seemed comfortable and organised. Customers have to order at the counter before taking a seat, a policy which is I imagine often ignored by groups reserving a table before ordering. I didn’t ignore the rule, although I didn’t have much choice as I was on my own.

I’ve been told that the sugar content in these San Pellegrino drinks has been cut, and although I hadn’t much thought about it, there does seem to have been a deterioration in taste. Indeed there is a message on the top of the can which says that there is a new recipe, albeit one which has made the taste worse. The sugar tax has a lot to answer for….

When I was at the counter I had initially intended to buy a beef burger but the staff member was engaging about the menu options and I felt that the staff member really sold the chicken burger. So I ordered that. The presentation wasn’t marvellous, but the burger was relatively large and the chicken was tender and moist. The coating was even, slightly crispy and had a real depth of flavour. The chips were also firm on the exterior and fluffy inside, all very lovely.

Overall, the food was well above average and I can see why the restaurant gets so many positive reviews. The service was attentive throughout and a staff member was a little enthusiastic in trying to remove the drink that I hadn’t finished, but everyone was friendly. Although that seems to be a trend in Galway (I mean being friendly, not randomly taking my drink as that hasn’t been a problem at all).

The price was about £11 for the meal, perhaps slightly above average, but entirely reasonable given the quality. The turnover of tables seemed quite fast and even when it was full customers seemed to be able to get a free table relatively quickly.