Hike Norfolk Ireland

Ireland – Oranmore – Porterhouse

This restaurant and pub had a welcoming feel to it and so it seemed a shame not to pop in during our little tour of the town’s pubs….

Any pub with a display of books meets with my approval. Although I’m not sure about how they’re stacked, but nonetheless, it does look impressive.

The spirit room, one of a few quieter areas of the pub (although to be fair it wasn’t quiet when some members of Hike Norfolk were in there).

The Guinness looked beautiful….. And it tasted just as I’d want it to as well. Unfortunately we weren’t eating food in the pub, it was just for drinks, but the menu did look quite interesting with curries, burgers, fish, steaks and so on. The reviews are also excellent, although a quick trip to TripAdvisor finds this review:

“Walked into this kip after it had been recommended by a local thinking back now he probably owned this dive was put into the darkest part of the hovel and before our bums touched the seats was told we had to be gone by 7 o’clock this was about 5.30 we Will never ever enter this so called establishment again”

Full credit to the owner for the below reply…..

“Thank you hank for your insightful review..I can see from your sentence construction and title choice you have a strong grasp of the English language! The title actually highlights your own ignorance, you are obviously a tourist to the area looking for a reccomondatin on where to eat from a “local” (who was not myself by the way) . I’m sure you could see we were busy and that’s for good reason..we have been open for nearly 3 years now and are busier than ever which is pretty good going for a “dive”! Usually locals who eat here regulary phone ahead to reserve a table because of this! But you were ignorant to that fact also..furthermore the table where you were seated is one of the most popular in the “hovel” and was booked for 7pm! My staff always inform unbooked guests of bookings on tables so everyone is on the same page!! I do apologise for this communication as it seems to have really bothered you..anyway the next time you get behind your keyboard or smart phone to slate a successful local business on a whim, which employs 25 staff, some of which have families to support and others trying to put them selves through college to educate themselves( you should try this!!) Look at the bigger picture..and maybe a dictionary.
Best regards”

All the staff who we encountered in the pub seemed cheery and helpful, and if I ever come back to Oranmore I might pop in for food. After visiting the two Indian restaurants that I’ve already mentioned I’ll go to as well…..