Ireland – Ennis – Brogan’s

Brogan’s, a pub located on O’Connell Street in Ennis, and it’s a sizeable family run concern..

The pub’s ‘James Joyce Award for Being an Authentic Irish Pub’ which is on the exterior wall.

A well stocked back bar in the pub, which was spotlessly clean throughout. It was also busy on the Friday lunchtime that I visited, with a few of us at the bar drinking and most tables filled with diners.

I’d already had lunch of a cake and coffee elsewhere, so I decided to have a pint of Murphy’s as a dessert. The staff in the pub were all friendly and helpful, and it was a comfortable environment, indeed, perhaps too comfortable….

The sink in the male toilet, quite a smart little effort.

All in all, a rather lovely pub and it’s nearly everything that I’d expect an Irish pub to be. It seems that it has a reputation for singers and performers who do their thing on most evenings of the week, but lunch-time was a more peaceful time of the day in that regard.