Ireland – Ennis – De Valera Public Library

The town’s public library was on my route back to the hotel, so I decided it would be a marvellous idea to pop inside. The public library is on the site of a former Church of Ireland Hall from 1890, which is behind a Presbyterian Church dating from 1856. The church building is today used as an exhibition gallery, and unfortunately not used by the library.

The front of the former church.

The entrance tunnel into the library, running alongside the former church.

Some unique sculptures in the gardens of the library.

A nicely laid out library with a surprisingly large collection of books on British politics, actually larger and better curated than Norwich Library. Anyway, there was probably an excellent range of local history books for me to have a look at as well, but the area was being used by a poetry club, so I didn’t want to intrude on their arrangements. Even though the poetry club had also taken over most of the tables in the library as well, but at least it gets people into the building.