Hull – Social

Unfortunately, the nearby Taphouse was full (which is moderately disappointing, as I think I would have liked to write some things about Bone Machine Brewery now I’ve seen how innovative they are, but I’ll go next year instead) but the helpful staff member pointed us towards Social.

The service was friendly and welcoming, although the only seats available were outside when we arrived. This transpired to be a good thing given the music inside (I can’t be doing with too much loud noise at my age…..) and the service was attentive given that three different staff tried to take our drinks order. But, best to be too attentive than not bothered enough, so it felt a sufficiently comfortable environment.

I think it’s fair to say that the bar wasn’t entirely aimed at customers like me, but the drinks menu had a decent stab at trying to cater for everyone. Seeing Camden Hells was acceptable to me, and the appearance of Brewdog Punk IPA and Schofferhofer are to the bar’s credit. So, perhaps nothing inspirational, but it’ll do. The bar is located in what is becoming the on-trend area of Hull, the fruit market district, which seems very much on an upward curve with much to be positive about.

Back to Social though, where the prices were slightly towards the higher end of the scale, but it felt safe and at least had some space for customers, which was useful. It’s probably a decent option for larger groups (well, under normal circumstances) although they don’t seem to do any food (although they do cashew nuts which didn’t surprise and delight Richard when he counted how many he got). I went for the Camden Hells and it was sufficiently adequate for me, but that’s about as far as I’d go there.