GeoGuessr – St. Osyth (The Cage)

This is part of the GEOGUESSR 1 series of posts.

This brightly coloured building is The Cage, now a residential property, but formerly the town’s prison. It remained in use until 1908 and it’s one of only seven medieval cages which are still surviving in the country. Having written that though, I’m puzzled why this isn’t a listed building.

The main door to the cage element of the property, which is now one of three rooms in the house. We were going to walk along what we thought was a footpath at the rear of the property, but Nathan saw something through the window and panicked. He said that it was someone in a kitchen, but I think he probably saw a ghost……

An information board at the property gives a flavour of its history, noting Ursula Kemp’s link with the house. The house was sold earlier this year for £240,000 (or at least, that was what the property was marketed for) and it was mentioned by the estate agent that it would be ideal for a “paranormal holiday rent” cottage. They also called it the most haunted house in Essex, and perhaps in England, given the high level of paranormal activity. I, for one, certainly wouldn’t want to live there.