GeoGuessr 2 – Bloxwich (Bloxwich Showman)

We’d decided not to visit pubs in Birmingham on the Saturday night before Christmas, as it was pretty likely that they’d be full, so we instead took a leisurely journey back from Rugeley and stopped at Bloxwich. This is the only pub in the town listed in the Good Beer Guide and it’s operated by JD Wetherspoons, named after Pat Collins who was a local showman, Liberal MP for Walsall and the Mayor of Walsall. Being a politician and showman is perhaps a good combination, with Collins being heavily involved in running circuses around the country. A bit like some politicians it could be argued…..

The beer choice was a little limited for a Wetherspoons, although the prices were at the usual low levels. I went for a pint of the Old Man from Long Man Brewery in East Sussex, perfectly acceptable and there was a slight flavour of coffee to it.

We were fortunate to find a seat, which was in the upstairs section, which also had views over the main part of the pub.

The interior decoration.

Nathan decided, “for a laugh”, to buy two pints of Fosters in some kind of ode to Ross’s dreadful choice of beer. The crisps helped the situation, although Nathan then proceeded to argue with some of my friends on Facebook for about two hours. But we won’t talk about that ever again. The Fosters, which in my view is a drink which should never be drunk, was though a useful reminder of just how much like water it tastes…

Anyway, onto TripAdvisor….

“Avoid this pub if you want a glass for bottled drinks as we’re refused 2 glasses for bottled Aspel cider told could only have glasses with draft beers. We’re eventually given some after confrontation”

I like this one, the idea that a customer has to have a confrontation with a member of bar staff to get a glass for a bottled beer. I’m not quite sure that this is the brand standard.

“Terrible food it was cold and I could av saved money and did it myself a lot better at home”

Written by Karen, I can never understand the point of these reviews, since no-one has a clue what she ordered and it would be much more exciting if she took a photo of the food in the pub and the brilliant food she makes at home.

“Ordered strongbow and had to ask for strongbow glass”

An unhappy that their drink was served in a “bog standard” glass. Perhaps it was a Fosters one….

“I should have complained only I was with a friend and did not want to appear awkward, will not be going again.”

The ideal customer for a pub to try and help, one that pretends there’s no issue at the pub so as not to look awkward, and then goes back to leave 1/5 on TripAdvisor….

Anyway, all was well with our visit (bar Fostersgate) and the pub was organised, with customers being served in turn. Given that it was so near to Christmas, it was also pleasingly not overly busy.