GeoGuessr 2 – Bloxwich (Bloxwich Railway Station)

This railway station is similar to that of Rugeley Town, insomuch that it was closed down in the 1960s during the Beeching Cuts but has recently been re-opened. It’s not at the original station site, which was a little further down the track, with the current station dating from 1989. It has created the slight anomaly though that the railway station is now no longer at the town’s Station Place and Station Street.

There’s not much to see at the railway station and it deals with fewer than 50,000 passengers a year, but it’s positive that this is a stop which has at least been saved. The closure of this railway station in 1965 seems to me to clearly have been a huge mistake by the Government of the time and even in 1966 the Prices and Incomes Board were investigating the problem that local shops had put up prices in Bloxwich as there was no longer easy access to Walsall. A local union said in 1966, “this form of extortion hits hardest at mothers of small children” and there were problems with bus services from the time that the railway station closed.

Anyway, for the purposes of our GeoGuessr, we left from Bloxwich to return back to Birmingham New Street.