GeoGuessr 2 – Birmingham (Primark)

I’ve now posted about Primark twice in a week, which is enough shopping blogging to last me for the next two years. This is an amazing shop though, it’s the largest Primark in the world and proof that the high street hasn’t entirely been buried by on-line shopping. Five floors, over 160,000 square feet, a barber’s shop, beauty studio and three dining options, that’s some shop.

I won’t mention in too much detail about Nathan’s sliding down a mud bank in Birmingham the previous evening, but it did result in him needing new shoes and jeans. So, hence why we were in Primark, although I was also intrigued about seeing this vast piece of retail estate.

I also won’t embarrass anyone, so I won’t name who it was, but when this person was buying his new shoes and jeans, he also gave his hat to the member of staff at the till. This confused the staff member as the hat didn’t have a barcode on it to scan, until Nathan, I mean, the person who I won’t name, remembered that was the hat he actually already owned and had come into the shop with.

The coffee shop within Primark and there was also a restaurant next to it which specialised in pizzas, with its own impressive pizza oven visible on the counter. The prices in Primark are certainly bordering on the ridiculous in terms of how low they are, but the store is well managed, accessible and there were plenty of staff around the shop. So, all very lovely.