GeoGuessr – Location 1 (Working It Out)

OK, so we have our first location.

The web-site allowed us to explore the location area, using Google Streetview in the usual way. We used numerous clues to try and work out where we were in the country, trying to read from bus stops and signs, but they didn’t help initially. We were able to follow a bus on Google, although that only told us that it was a First bus, which didn’t help.

We then saw a logo, which Nathan thought was Wales and I thought was Cambridgeshire. But then a bus-stop gave us a clue after some more exploring and we knew that we were in Essex. Hardly great sleuthing, but this is new to us. At first this was disappointing, as I thought that Essex wasn’t entirely glamorous. But that’s entirely unfair, just because it’s sort of close to Norfolk.

There was another clue in that we saw a sign with the town name on, which I accept is a bloody big clue. And it was St. Osyth, which I had never heard of. I went off to explore Google Maps and discovered it was potentially in Jaywick, which I think is still the poorest area of the UK. I wasn’t entirely sure that this GeoGuessr thing was doing much for us at this stage….

But, after some more analysing maps, we discover that St. Osyth is a pleasant looking village a few miles away Jaywick, not a huge distance from Colchester. This was sounding better….

Then we discover that there was an episode of Time Team filmed there, as well as two pubs, a priory and a fish & chips shop. I’m now bloody delighted at this new game of ours. Nathan got excited that the pub had a burger meal for under £5 and I was already starting to watch the Time Team episode.

So, this little adventure is underway and we have train tickets now to get near there. I’ll leave the excitement of that journey for another post, especially as we’re not going until October, but the train tickets were a bargain £16 return with Greater Anglia. We might not be so fortunate when we select our next location, which will be at the moment that we physically reach our first location.

Quite where this adventure leads us who knows, but I’m sure it’ll be one of our better ideas. Which, frankly, wouldn’t be difficult.