GeoGuessr – Summary

OK, that’s the end of our first GeoGuessr adventure and my posts about it. The aim of this was to use the GeoGuessr web-site to get a random place to visit in England or Wales, and then for Nathan and me to just go there. Our first one was just outside St. Osyth in Essex, and the below series of blog posts tell that story (some are more exciting than others if I’m being honest).

The point of this random and irrelevant series of posts is though to show that there is a story to be had from any adventure. The theory Nathan and I have, which was developed after several pints in the pub (as all best plans are), is that there is history, culture, pubs and excitement everywhere and anywhere. Nathan and I still consider this to be the best plan that we’ve had, which goes to show just what other poor decisions we’ve come to….

We don’t have many rules, our location just has to be in England or Wales (we’ll go further afield later on) and we will try and get there by public transport. Going by car simply isn’t an adventure, slumming it a bit by walking long distances and getting endless trains and buses is. We’ll try and do it in a day if we can, or a weekend if we can’t get there and back time-wise.

Our first expedition was a bit of a test case to see if we thought this worked, and we think it did. We’ll do more video next time, but the theory will remain the same. And, so, the question has to be, was there enough of a story about our first location?

Well, I think there was. In short, we visited five pubs, one restaurant, one artisan bakery, we took two buses, seven trains and walked around ten miles. We were told that we were in a female waiting room at a railway station (a concept abolished decades ago), we got lost, had to run across Colchester, we walked through a field of adders, got confused what dks was on a menu receipt (it was drinks), saw a church, former priory, arguably the most haunted house in the country and saw a rubbish bin by the side of a road that it would be nearly impossible to use. We then witnessed customers barricading a rail replacement coach in and watching the arguments and disputes following that.

That’s not bad for our first trial run….. For those interested, here’s where location number 2 is for anyone who wants to work it out. BTW, sorry there weren’t more Inbetweeners references in the blog posts, I’ll try harder for the next one.

Finally, some books about St. Osyth. And if anyone wants to visit St. Osyth, here’s an accommodation suggestion.


It’s All Happening Now

Diss Railway Station

Colchester Wetherspoons – Playhouse

Slight Miscalculation

Great Bentley Railway Station

Adders Sign

Great Bentley to St. Osyth

St Osyth (Balti House)

St. Osyth (Longfields)

St. Osyth (King’s Arms)

St. Osyth (Red Lion)

St. Osyth (And We’ve Reached the Spot)

St. Osyth (The Cage)

St. Osyth (The White Hart)

St. Osyth (The Village Sign)

St. Osyth (Trevor Osben)

St. Osyth (St. Peter and St. Paul Church)

St. Osyth (St. Osyth Priory)

Walk Back to Great Bentley

Royal Fusilier (Aingers Green)

Plough (Great Bentley)


Great Bentley to Colchester

Colchester (The Odd One Out)

Colchester Town Railway Station

Greater Anglia and the Case of the Missing Bus