GeoGuessr – Walk Back to Great Bentley

This is part of the GEOGUESSR 1 series of posts.

It had reached that time of the day when we needed to leave St. Osyth, pleased in the knowledge that we had visited the town’s pub, eaten at the Indian restaurant, seen the outside of the church and priory, found the GeoGuessr location that we needed and managed not to upset anyone. It was all going well. All we had now was an hour walk back to the rail station in Great Bentley. Above is the former priory wall on Colchester Road, which was on the way to Great Bentley.

Nathan was thrilled to spot several deer, although I was less inspired as I had already seen a deer earlier on, since I clearly have better wildlife spotting skills than him.

And to complete Nathan’s wildlife section, there’s a squirrel on a tree. I should have brought my camera, these photos aren’t very clear.

This mushroom was the size of a dinner plate, but it doesn’t look that impressive in the photo.

The walk along the verge of the road. Very exciting…..

Looking back to St. Osyth, only slightly sad that we never got to go to the notorious settlement that is Jaywick and which is relatively near to St. Osyth.

One pub we walked by, which is The Creek pub (formerly known as the Flag Inn), which we knew was closed during the day and we couldn’t easily have fitted into our schedule. CAMRA warn that there are no real ales served here, so it seems we didn’t miss much in that regard. However, The Creek prides itself on its food and I’m sure it’s lovely. But it should have real ale and craft beer IMO.

I can’t claim that the walk back towards the railway station was the most inspiring that I’ve been on in terms of the view, but fortunately there was a pavement or off-road walkway most of the way and that did make things easier. The only thing which slowed us down was having to run past any large puddles to avoid getting splashed by the relatively high level of traffic on the road.

Although I mentioned this was the walk to the railway station, there was a pub stop around ten minutes before we arrived there. More on which in the next post…..