GeoGuessr – Slight Miscalculation……

This is part of the GEOGUESSR 1 series of posts.

We had a little issue walking from JD Wetherspoons back to the railway station at Colchester Town. To avoid a long-winded story, the problem is that we (well, I especially) forgot how little time we had to get back. My short-cut didn’t have entirely the result that I wanted, so Nathan suggested that we had to run to get the train. I was dead thrilled at this and did a little jog thing. I think Nathan thought that I was as good as running at Clive, who he thinks is very slow indeed.

We got to the train just as it pulling up into the railway station, so lots of relief. We then realised that it didn’t leave for five more minutes as the driver has to change end. We needn’t have rushed….. But, nonetheless, physically exhausted, the journey continued to Great Bentley….