GeoGuessr 2 – Rugeley (The Vine Inn)

Having visited the Rusty Barrel, there was time to visit the town’s other entry into the Good Beer Guide.

I hadn’t been overly impressed at the choice of beers at the Rusty Barrel, but this pub didn’t disappoint at all. They had a vanilla porter and a pecan porter which were brewed in-house, and I settled on having the former, but the pub kindly offered a sample of the latter as well so I didn’t miss out. The vanilla porter was marvellous, lots of flavour, an element of richness and very drinkable.

We had just eaten about a kilogram of chips each, so the food options weren’t for us at that particular moment, but there were some interesting options. Service at the pub was excellent, a really engaging staff member who added positively to our experience with her friendliness.

We had to leave after around half an hour to get our train, but there was an element of sadness that we couldn’t stay longer here, a very well deserved entrant into the Good Beer Guide. Indeed, usually it’s Nathan faffing about and making us nearly miss flights, but on this occasion, it was him harassing me out of the door. So, onwards into the cold black evening we went.