GeoGuessr 2 – And We’re Off (Norwich to Birmingham Megabus)

GeoGuessr two is now underway, our pointless plan to visit whichever place we randomly select on the Geoguessr web-site.

The first part of the expedition today was the four-hour bus to Birmingham, although due to traffic accidents outside the city this went up to five hours. Not a great deal went wrong with the bus journey, which is good, although it meant that there isn’t much to write about…..

The start of the journey was at Norwich bus station and there was a passenger who faffed about outside the Megabus coach which was going to London. The driver started to get ready for boarding and only then did she reveal that she actually wanted to get on this coach. The driver huffed and puffed a bit, then the passenger faffed about even more and left her big heavy bag by the luggage compartment whilst looking confused. A passenger waiting for another coach went to help, at which point the driver got out from the driver’s cab to offer assistance himself. Then the passenger boarded, the coach started to set off and then it stopped before the doors opened and the problem passenger got out and realised they were on the wrong bus. The driver looked thrilled.

That was really the limit of the journey’s excitement, other than when Nathan and I helped a lady into the toilets. Not physically, but we realised that the door had locked itself and so we weren’t much help, although fortunately at the next stop the driver was able to unlock it. It was an element of drama, but fortunately the other passenger told us she had strong pelvic floor muscles. Good to know and lovely lady though.

The other highlight, my half price sausage roll from Tesco. Maybe not to the standard of Greggs, but perfectly acceptable.

So, just over an hour later than planned, we’re in Birmingham…..