Chesterfield – Chesterfield Alehouse

This micro-pub is listed in the Good Beer Guide and has won numerous CAMRA awards over the last few years. It’s the first micro-pub to open in the local area and I’m very much a fan of these small and quirky locations, they’re nearly always unique in their style.

I have little to say about this other than it’s as near perfection as I could want, with some beautiful options. Quite magnificent and I’m struggling to remember a selection as good as this.

I went for the Moncada Impy Pudding, which was probably a stupid decision given that it was late afternoon and I have other pubs to investigate. I had a half of this imperial stout and it doesn’t come cheap, but this beer was, well, exceptional. The beer was rich, decadent with its richness, with subtle initial flavours of rice pudding and then an aftertaste of cinnamon, vanilla and chocolate. That taste of rice pudding was ridiculous, absolutely beautiful and it was so rich that my half pint took the best part of an hour to get through. I may comment about this beer for a while.

As for the pub, the service was polite and authentic, if not particularly deep in engagement. But, I don’t much care, that beer selection….. And apologies to the bar that I put a copy of the local CAMRA magazine on the table to take away (the magazine I mean, I wasn’t taking the table), and it managed to stick to the table and some of the front cover is still there. I don’t know what cleaner they’re putting on the table, but it’s quite powerful.

Anyway, as a pub this is lovely. Absolutely bloody lovely.