Chesterfield – Market Pub

This pub near the market, hence the name, has won numerous awards in recent years for its food and real ale. I can’t find much history about the pub itself though, there’s nothing obvious on-line and the pub don’t have any information on their web-site.

All clean and comfortable inside the pub, lots of wood to give a traditional feel. CAMRA note that this is a Greene King pub, something which if true they certainly keep hidden as there’s no branding or dull beer selection on offer. The service was prompt and efficient, with the prices marginally towards the higher end of the real ale scale.

The Portland Black from Welbeck Abbey Brewery, a local brewery I hadn’t heard of until earlier today when I had another one of their beers in the nearby JD Wetherspoons. Not sure that I got the promised vanilla aroma, but the beer was served at the appropriate temperature and had a rich smoky coffee flavour.

This is more of a food venue, but they didn’t seem to mind a few drinkers in the front area of the pub. The food also looked of a decent quality and it seemed to be a popular location given how busy it got, with the streetfood menu and selection of pies all looking rather on trend.