Bucharest Trip : Manuc’s Inn


It’s fair to say that my blog sort of curtailed itself half way through the Bucharest trip when I got distracted with something else, but I think it’s time to now rivet my two loyal readers with a few final posts about this very marvellous trip. Bev had ruled out my idea to go back to Excalibur to get another chicken, so instead we decided to go somewhere a little more decadent and we opted for Manuc’s Inn. This is something of a local institution and there are numerous elements to the dining area, but we were seated downstairs in the rather captivating cellar area. There’s plenty more information on the restaurant’s Wikipedia page, but it’s over 200 years old and the oldest remaining hotel building in Bucharest.


I hadn’t had this beer before and if I’m being honest, I’m unlikely to have it again. All very average, but decent enough as we weren’t in a craft beer bar and I knew we were going to one later on. I’m very tolerant and patient like that.


This was the bean soup with smoked pork served in a bread bowl, far more filling than I needed for a starter if I’m being honest. But, there was a depth of flavour to the soup, I stupidly ate half of the chilli which was far too hot and then enjoyed the moist bread. A suitably entertaining starter for the meal, whilst Bev was busy annoying the waiter. He coped admirably.


Thim likes his wine and he approved of this vessel.


I correctly identified it as red wine. I’m not really into red wine, I’m too much imbued in the whole beer culture, but it had a pleasant taste.


There was a relaxing atmosphere to the whole arrangement, I liked it.


No, not chicken strips, but chicken schnitzel, although I suppose that’s not far removed from it. Served with chips, which is very classy of me. Forgetting that the green chilli had been too hot for my starter accompaniment, I had Steve’s chilli and remembered again that it was too hot. I don’t get out much…


Goodness knows what Bev was doing, getting ready to complain about something I imagine.


We lingered for quite a while so the restaurant became quiet, but we had to leave as I had demanded another visit to Hop Hooligans.


An enjoyable evening, especially since Thim treated us to the whole meal which was an unexpected surprise at the end of proceedings. He’s always been one of my favourite people that Thim. But, back to the restaurant, I found the service attentive, the environment was inviting and the food was reasonably priced given that this is one of the main tourist destinations for food in the city. It was the last night that we were all together in Bucharest and I think that we were all pleased with the choice. The on-line reviews are positive and it’s worth visiting not just for the food, but also because of the history to the building and its courtyard.