Bucharest Trip – Day 3 : Hop Hooligans


By way of a slight spoiler, it’s fair for me to note now that I came to love the Hop Hooligans brewery during my visit to Bucharest and I made everyone come back here again later on in the week.


Here’s the beer board and I’m pleased to note that the bar is listed on Untappd which makes drinks planning much easier. As I haven’t mentioned this in at least three days, anyone can add me at https://untappd.com/user/julwhite, I accept anyone as a friend on there  🙂  Steve and I arrived at the pub first, giving us more time to sample the beers on offer. It’s not necessarily the cheapest bar in the city, but there are some quality beers there and I think that the drinks are worth every penny.


The bar is located in a former grand residential property. The beer here is the Infochemicals from Blackout Brewing who are a respected brewery from Cluj in Romania. A Double New England IPA which was rich and juicy, just as it should be.


My second drink was the Proper Cake from Metanoia Brewing, another beer that I was pleased with given the taste of cherries and vanilla along with the depth of flavour.


During the warmer summer months, there’s a pleasant outdoors area and there’s also plenty of space inside the bar. The bar has received excellent reviews on-line and I also liked the service, the atmosphere and the range of drinks that were available. Although I did notice the review:

“They don’t have a single proper beer. If you order a lager, you get something that has a taste of IPA. If you order IPA, you get something that looks like fruit yogurt. If you are hipster pretending to be beer “connoisseur”, this is your place. If you really like beer, don’t go there, because you will be angry.”

The venue responded politely to this review, but I can say with absolute certainty that I like beer and I wasn’t angry. I also noticed tens of “proper” beers in the fridges and on tap, I’d suggest that the brewery should be very proud of what they’ve done here. This is a venue for the many and not the few.