Humber Doucy Brewery – Meet the Brewer at the Lidgate Star


Meet the Brewer events are some of my favourite things and I’m delighted that the Lidgate Star has two a month of them. We have a lot of very lovely and supportive brewers in the area who are really keen to engage with pubs. John from Humber Doucy brewery was at the Star talking through six of his beers. One of the nicest brewers you could imagine, the brewery are a father and son team based in Bacton in Suffolk. Their brewery, which I’m going to get to soon I hope, is in a former 1950s MOT garage and it all looks very smart from the photos. The brewery name is inspired Our name is inspired by a road in Ipswich, said to have been named by French prisoners of war in the 1800s.


My favourite beer of the evening was the oak barrel aged porter, a rich and decadent little number with plenty of richness. They also have a more usual porter, a nettle & elderflower saison, a red ale and a bitter, all intriguing and interesting. John talked through each beer, spoke about the brewery which all proved entertaining. Their web-site is at and their Instagram is at The pub’s next two meet the brewers are Mauldons and Three Blind Mice.