Bucharest – Polen

Travel might be lovely, but it does mean that I’m separated from Greggs and so I have to find alternatives as best that I can….. And, I saw this bakers and they looked as busy as Greggs on a lunch-time, so I decided that it must be worth sampling their wares.

An array of cold items, including pizza, strudels, cookies and cakes. They also had some hot items coming out of the oven which seemed quite popular with other customers. The service was very friendly, although the staff member didn’t speak much English, but fortunately for both parties, I made the transaction as simple as possible.

But my eye had already been drawn to the apple strudel, which was quite a chunky thing, with soft pastry and a moreish apple filling which was suitably sweet. It cost around 60p, which felt entirely satisfactory to me. Strudels are better known in Austrian and Germanic culinary climes, but they do have some history in Romania as well. I wish chicken bakes had a similar heritage, but there we go…..