Brandon – Brandon Station

It was too hot in Cambridge, so I felt a visit to Brandon was in order.

This rather attractive little railway station was opened in 1845 and was part of the Norwich & Brandon Railway. The railway station services the town of Brandon and there is an interesting quirk that the station is in Norfolk whilst the main part of the town is in Suffolk.

Brandon railway station in 1845.

Brandon railway station in 2018. Sadly entirely boarded up, it has been staffless since the 1970s.

A view towards Cambridge.

It’s sad to see the buildings all boarded up, but at least they’ve tried to brighten it up a little.

The frontage of the railway station, just used as a car park now.

The railway station has been adopted, so at least there are some people taking care of it. The Brandon Heritage Centre mentions on their web-site that the group who adopted the station tried to take over and protect the buildings, but the landowners refused. Perhaps one day it’ll be able to re-open in some form….