Warsaw – Novotel Warszawa Centrum

I’ve stayed at this Novotel before and it was a well-run hotel and so I decided to make it my final accommodation choice for this stay in Warsaw. It’s centrally located and near to the railway station so I can get the train back to the airport.

The room was upgraded and this was clean, comfortable and had excellent views. It seems to have been modernised relatively recently and it was functional with plenty of power points. I never turn TVs on in hotel rooms, but it was a noticeably decent size.

The staff member at check-in was helpful and humorous, so that was a rather positive first impression. I wasn’t much bothered when he spoke to his colleague in Polish as I could understand it was something about broken IT, but he then apologised for this and said he hadn’t meant to speak in Polish in front of an English guest. Not that Poles should have to apologise for speaking Polish anyway.

This was the welcome gift bag offered by the hotel, orange juice, some sort of tea thing in a tube and meringues. I noticed when I got to the room that the hotel hadn’t given me the welcome drink voucher, but I decided the orange juice would suffice as I was on the 25th floor and didn’t fancy going straight back down.

The view from the room and there are some more photos here. Last time I stayed my room pointed the other way and this time I was hoping to get a view of the Palace of Culture and Science building, which is the entirely out of place Soviet style building on the right of the photo. I probably should have just asked at reception to get a room pointing this way, but it didn’t matter, as I was in luck anyway.

The breakfast is no longer self-service, but staff serve customers what they want from the hot and cold options. It all worked efficiently and there weren’t any queues when I was there, but I look forwards to the time when this isn’t necessary. The hotel has usefully put a QR code in the room so that guests can find out about various elements of their stay, this is the only one I’ve stayed at which has done this.

And my selection, although I went back for more rolls and croissants. The signage for items was clear, so it was useful to know what I could order from each staff member.

So, that’s the end of my Warsaw trip in terms of accommodation and I managed to stay in seven hotels, six of them Accor and this was the only one that I had stayed in before. And it was certainly one of the best, everything was clean, professional and comfortable. I was also pleased that it’s possible to open the window, it’s quite relaxing to hear the noises of the city. There is perhaps something ridiculous about when hotels spend a fortune in sound-proofing their rooms only for bloody guests like me commenting they like hearing the road noise, but there we go.

Hopefully I’ll stay at this Novotel again…..