Warsaw – Bianco e Verde Restaurant

I was in the Sielce area of Warsaw for reasons relating to my little GeoGuessr meanderings. I wanted to find a restaurant that was within a few minutes walk of the random GeoGuessr location, otherwise I would have ended up back in KFC or something. There was actually a very highly rated chicken place nearby since I mentioned KFC, but it was takeaway only with no seats and it was quite cold today….. I went for an Italian restaurant, with Poland certainly not being short of places to get pizza, which is really quite handy as far as I’m concerned.

It didn’t appear to be a popular choice when I entered, but it was nearly full by the time I left an hour or so later. The service was excellent, with the staff speaking perfect English and they were attentive and helpful. It was all clean and organised, with an English menu available as well (although I had already read the Polish one on-line and chosen, I thought I wouldn’t mention that).

The beer options didn’t seem too exciting, so I went for a fresh lemonade and it was suitably lemony. The staff member apologised that she had thought that the straw was longer…..

That wide angle mood my phone is in has made the pizza look smaller than it was. I’m not keen on overly cheesy pizzas, but this transpired to be fine and had a pleasant taste. The dough wasn’t quite as decadent in terms of richness as I’ve had, but it was still delicious and I’m always delighted to see capers in any meal as I think they’re one of God’s favourite foods.

By Polish standard, the meal was just very slightly decadent in terms of the pricing, coming to just over £7 for the pizza and drink, which I think was absolutely fine given that this was a comfortable and decent restaurant. Pizzas are a major part of the menu (including seemingly a pizza for children in the shape of Mickey Mouse), but they’re by no means all of it, with a range of other pasta dishes available. All nicely done, with the surroundings being laid-back, although (and I don’t think I’ve ever said this) it might have benefited from just a little background music. For what was ultimately a random choice, I left perfectly happy.